Our Vision

We believe in the future of cities and the idea of conscious mobility. Whether riding a bike, scooter, or skateboard, these modes all contribute greatly to the impact we have on our environment. We aim to make it easier and safer to travel, and leaving our environment better than when we found it.

Get There Smarter

How you commute matters, but more importantly your safety while commuting matters. You shouldn’t have to think twice about protecting the most important part of your body. Your helmet represents a sense of freedom, and it should always be with you. So easy and convenient you can be free to look up and enjoy the ride.

The Perfect Helmet

We asked hundreds of city riders what they really needed. They asked for a helmet that was convenient, breathable, and thoughtfully designed. We created exactly that. The perfect (foldable) helmet designed for the city rider.


As long time cyclists, Sujene and Christian never found a helmet they actually wanted to wear. A few years ago Christian was involved in a serious bike accident in NYC (not wearing a helmet). Although no permanent injuries were sustained, it was enough to realize he was cutting it close. When they asked around, they learned that the majority of people felt the same way about helmets, they were too bulky, hot, and inconvenient. So, they set out to do something about it.

FEND Folding Helmet

Enhance Your Commute