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How Our Helmet Will Elevate Your City Riding Experience

Redefine Urban Riding

Navigating the bustling streets of urban cities like New York, or tackling San Francisco's steep hills, or even combating the coastal wind along Miami's scenic routes, each underscores the unique challenges of urban riding. We, at FEND, understand these challenges. It's why we value safety, prioritize comfort, and design for convenience. Our commitment to these values is embodied in the FEND One folding helmet, one of the best commuter bike helmets of 2023.

Ride Safely with Confidence

Wherever your city commute takes you, from the crowded lanes of Chicago to the sunny bike paths of LA. As a reliable choice among commuter bike helmets, the FEND One has you covered. Our helmet is certified by both US CPSC and EU EN1078 safety standards, allowing you to navigate urban landscapes with confidence and peace of mind.

Breathable, Compact, and Portable

Comfort is also crucial. Who wants to arrive at their destination with a head full of sweat? That's why the FEND One, a quality helmet for city riding, features 22 strategically positioned vents to optimize airflow. Combined with adjustable straps and a rear dial fit adjuster, you can tailor the FEND One to your comfort, making it feel like it was custom made for you.

For those embracing the urban riding lifestyle, convenience can't be overlooked. Traditional helmets, while protective, are often bulky and inconvenient to carry around post-ride. The FEND One, however, revolutionizes this with its unique folding design. It folds by 50% of its original size, fitting easily in a backpack or bag - a testament to our commitment to practical design.

Game-Changing Commute

We get it. Cycling in the city is a unique beast, but that's why we love it. FEND One was created with a clear understanding of urban cyclists' needs. It is more than just a helmet—it's a game-changer in urban commuting, offering an unmatched blend of safety, comfort, and convenience. FEND One enhances your cycling experience in ways no other helmet can.

Happy riding!


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